Roxanne Blatch

The walk

Thank you to the Pink Turtles, was a wonderful experience this morning. 

Has been a long 7mths since this all started. But with the amazing support crew I have had , I have got this fair. 

Awesome work raising the money we did.  Love to all as. Thanks again for your support.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Diane & Ted Blatch

Go the pink turtles. Walk strong and well done . Mum, Dad, Axel & Bailey



You go girl... I’ll be with you in Spirit!


Karyn Dakin

Go Rocky and Team Pink Turtles 💞


Toni Averay

Great job Roxanne! Just wanted to contribute to your fundraising too! Xx


Janina Much

🎗🎗 🐢 🐢💗💗


Roxanne Blatch


Shane Dawson


Amy Jung



Karhy Dodds


Joanne Musty


Marie Millar

Good luck with the walk. I’ll also walking for you next week at City to Surf. Marie & Roger 💕


John Hooper


Jodie Harrison



Karen Blatch

Good luck to you all.


Sarah Bryan

proud to support the pink turtles. Love you ladies xxx Ben & Sarah


Debbie Phillips



Lisa Sherhan

Great cause