Women’s Cancers

There is hope…

Thanks to prevention, early detection programs and improved treatment options, more women are surviving women’s cancers.

More than 61,100 Queensland women are alive today after a diagnosis of a women’s cancer in the past 30 years

Over the last 20 years (1999-2018), mortality rates have declined for:

  • Breast cancer by 30 per cent

  • Cervical cancer by 29 per cent

  • Gynaecological cancer (including cervical cancer) by 5 per cent

Five-year relative survival for women’s cancers was 87 per cent for women’s cancers during the period 2014-2018, up from 71 percent in 1982-1989.

Five-year relative survival for breast cancer has improved from 74 percent in 1982-1989 to 92 percent for the period 2014-2018.

Empowering women to reduce cancer risk

Find out how you can reduce your cancer risk and encourage the women in your life to be proactive, it could just save their life.

Cancer Prevention Information